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56-64 Broad Street
Suite 212 Elizabeth
 New Jersey 07201

Telephones: 908-289-5599
Toll Free 1-800-246-8660

Fax: 908-289-3624


Cándido Rodríguez, Jr.
Diene Hernández-Rodríguez, L.L.C. 

was founded in January 2002 by Cándido Rodríguez, Jr. and Diene Hernández-Rodríguez. After more that eighteen (18) years of solo practice, on or about December 2000, Cándido Rodríguez, Jr. welcomed Diene Hernández-Rodríguez to join his law firm. In order to allow the corporations, individuals and public in general to achieve their legal objectives effectively and safely, both attorneys decided to consolidate their efforts to the foundation of the actual law offices, which are currently operating as a limited liability company for the fostering of legal representation in the areas of criminal and civil litigation. 

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